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Download 3 FREE Employee Templates

We'll protect you, proactively.

We'll protect you, proactively.

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Outsourced HR; Your personal team of experts

The effectiveness of a full HR team, committed to achieving your strategic objectives through your people, and protecting you at every turn.

Transformative Impact

Empower your business to realise it's potential by injecting advanced HR and IR capability into your workplace, your team, and your leaders. Transform your business now.

Industrial Relations (IR) and Compliance

Workforce planning and design, wage compliance, management and HR excellence, Employment Law interpretations and best practice advice.

Your people, building your vision, powered by our expertise

Instantly transform your team with people-experts dedicated to providing you best-in-class support.

Get back the hours you lose on HR, and spend it on what truly matters to you, and in your business.

We use modern and effective methods to deliver commercially focused HR and IR operational support, while protecting businesses from HR risks, Industrial Relations disputes and Fair Work claims.

HR and IR advice when you need it most.

Rest assured knowing your own team of advanced experts are here for you, on call.

Fast written responses to all your questions, whenever you need it, no matter how complicated the issue at hand. Any and all HR issues or Industrial Relations matters affecting your workplace, solved with sound advice, when you need it, and how you want it. 

Your personal HR and IR team relieving you of the management burden.

Get back to high-performance, we'll help bring your people along with you.

Imagine not being bogged-down dealing with all the people-issues that take up your energy, time and focus, leaving you with little time and motivation to focus on the most important things that drive your business. You can be free to do the most impactful things that energise you, and achieve your objectives.

Custom HR and IR Services or Projects

Let us work with you, your way, focused on outcomes.

Be free of that long list of HR projects you know will make all the difference in your business, but you just can’t find the time to do, and do well. We’ll get it done for you, faster and more effectively so you can get on with building your business. 

We’ve adopted The HR Cartel’s HR Outsourced services, and find the support extremely valuable. With a diverse workforce spread across the country, we feel secure knowing HR advice is just a call or email away, with no-fuss solutions provided each time, no matter what is happening.

Dan McCormack

General Manager

The HR Cartel improved our ability to keep up with industrial relations obligations and compliance with new regulations, while advising our people on best practice HR and IR process. They’re highly-skilled in HR frameworks, IR, Union and employee group correspondence, and all round compliance.

Casey Brown


The HR Cartel introduced a highly commercial and modern approach to our workplace, team and job design, and aligned how we operate with our strategy and growth plans. Highly recommend sitting down with their team to plan and implement change with your people and systems.

Kelli McDougall

Managing Director

The HR Cartel supported us through major changes, not just related to people, but also systems and operating models aimed at improving the entire business. Working with Tim and his team, you feel a sense of safety and assurance, knowing they’re always there to help, guide and advise with the best interests of our business at heart.

Christyna Kruczaj


Our HR Services

For any workplace issue you encounter, we’ll be here with expert advice, guidance, planning, facilitation, and management. Anything you need.

Strategic HR Management

Design your organisation, align your people with your objectives, drive performance, and transform your business.

Remuneration & Benefits

Design tailored compensation and incentive plans to attract and retain top talent.

Attraction & Recruitment

Turn the burden of recruitment into valuable growth opportunities with expert guidance.

HR and IR Advisory Services

HR & IR Director-level advice, on call support, expert-level strategy development and guidance for all workplace issues.


Ensure Fair Work Act compliance with advanced expertise, detailed checks and interpretations, whenever you need it.

Workplace Investigations

Protect your business and conduct investigations that stand up to legal scrutiny and Fair Work Commission challenges. 

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Our HR Services

For practically any workplace issue under the sun, we can provide expert advice, guidance, planning, facilitation, and management. Anything you need.

Strategic Planning

Craft strategic roadmaps, KPIs, metrics, and one-page plans with expert facilitation.

Design tailored compensation and incentive plans to attract and retain top talent.

Explore your recruitment options and strategies with expert guidance.

Access Director-level HR and IR advice, remotely or on-site, for all HR matters.

Ensure Award and Agreement compliance with detailed checks and interpretations.

Conduct thorough investigations into grievances, harassment, and policy breaches.

And more tailored services, fit for your business and workplace.

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