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After a brief hiatus due to injury and illness – I’m back! Let’s talk about the poor leadership decisions and lack of leadership courage combining to hold back employers and businesses in Australia. It’s not their fault (leaders) – this has been a 10-15 year dip into the abyss of businesses/workplaces trying to appease people, make everyone happy, and be accepted by everybody. Its a trap – and now businesses are suffering the affects.

As noted in the podcast, Martin Moore’s Quote:

“The leader’s mantra has to be, respect before popularity! Think about all the ways that your popularity will be threatened in the day-to-day leadership arena. You have to be able to challenge, coach and confront your people in order to build team capability and performance.”

Martin Moore

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We review a list of breaches and penalties (totalling $1.7M) from a recent case where 45 breaches were identified, including document and payslip errors, as well as underpayments. Excellent example of how much Employers will be liable to pay for simple errors of record keeping and payslip details. We also look ahead to picture what this case may have looked like next year, with wage theft laws introducing imprisonment and multi-million dollar fines.


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New Industrial Relations laws coming into effect on 26 August 2024 will significantly impact on employers who engage or intend to engage casual employees and contractors. These updates bring vast changes to how casual employment is defined and managed, and the risks of engaging contractors. Ultimately, employers have lost control caused by union wish lists being granted and brought into law.

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Call me crazy, but I feel like we’re headed for a Howard Government style attack against a particular Union – it doesn’t feel like we’re on a good path, the Union movement is desperate to run a wrecking ball through Australian workplace relations, and our Prime Minister has just publicly declared his undying devotion to advancing the union movement every day he is in power. All employers must take notice and look ahead.

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Want to hear an alarming truth? We have more than 200,000 vacant positions in our agriculture sector. We need those jobs performed if we have any chance of feeding and clothing ourselves with Australian produce. In Episode 40, we talk with Kelli McDougall, Managing Director or Agri Talent about the reality of Australia’s Ag sector, the opportunities, the careers, and why Australian’s have the wrong idea about a career in Ag.

While politicians and unions haggle and fight over control of our workplaces, we’re unwittingly ignoring the needs of Australia’s most important industry, and we’ll all pay the price if we don’t make a change.


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This time, we’re discussing how to leverage remuneration, incentives and training to drive a return on investment in your wage bill, each year. Hear how to set up the tools needed that guarantee healthy remuneration modelling, hiring decisions, reward and recognition, to push your business along a strategic plan, to execute short and long term goals.


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