We give precious time back to employers. HR, the way it should be.

We’re HR and Industrial Relations experts with a proven track record of making a significant impact, offering unwavering support for employers in challenging situations, always providing direct and honest answers, and ensuring practical implementation of solutions for our valued clients.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to relieve HR burden for small and medium sized employers, giving back their time and energy to focus on what truly matters.

We empower small and medium-sized employers by providing fast, knowledgeable, and comprehensive outsourced Human Resources services and Industrial Relations management. Our HR and IR services level the playing field, enabling businesses to optimise their workplaces more effectively than larger, wealthier companies, offering them faster and more affordable access to the highest level HR and IR capabilities.

Our Founder

Tim Dive.

Meet Tim. With 20 years of hands-on experience navigating the toughest workplace challenges, Tim brings a refreshingly different approach to  HR, IR, and solving business dilemmas.

Unlike traditional HR professionals and teams, Tim has redefined what HR means for smaller employers, and believes the most important Australian workplaces are inside those businesses with fewer than 200 people. His background spans diverse industries across Australia, honing his expertise in redesigning organisations, coaching executive teams, and defending employers in tribunals like the Fair Work Commission.

Renowned for his pragmatic strategies and client-focused ethos, Tim has earned trust across the spectrum, from global mining giants to countless small and medium-sized enterprises. He simplifies that diagnosing of workplace inefficiencies, crafting tailored improvement plans, and executing transformative changes that propel businesses towards success.

Now, as the driving force behind The HR Cartel, Tim is committed to delivering affordable solutions that empower small and medium sized organisations to navigate complex workplace regulations and performance with confidence. With Tim on your team, expect a personalised and results-driven approach that prioritises your business outcomes above all else.

Our Values

Grounded in real-world experience and common sense,
rest easy knowing your business is getting the best support.


We are experts and we uphold our proven track record of making significant impacts through our knowledge and experience. 


No matter how sensitive or complex the issue at hand, we deliver solutions with ease and efficiency, always ensuring a smooth experience.


Our clients believe in our advice and feel secure that they’ll never be alone in any challenging situation.  


We answer questions, we provide our position, we don’t sit on the fence, and we tell it how it is, always with honesty and compassion.


We provide the ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘why’, and always follow through with the ‘how’. We never leave a client wondering how to implement our solutions.

We’ve adopted The HR Cartel’s HR Outsourced services, and find the support extremely valuable. With a diverse workforce spread across the country, we feel secure knowing HR advice is just a call or email away, with no-fuss solutions provided each time, no matter what is happening.

Dan McCormack

General Manager

The HR Cartel improved our ability to keep up with industrial relations obligations and compliance with new regulations, while advising our people on best practice HR and IR process. They’re highly-skilled in HR frameworks, IR, Union and employee group correspondence, and all round compliance.

Casey Brown


The HR Cartel introduced a highly commercial and modern approach to our workplace, team and job design, and aligned how we operate with our strategy and growth plans. Highly recommend sitting down with their team to plan and implement change with your people and systems.

Kelli McDougall

Managing Director

The HR Cartel supported us through major changes, not just related to people, but also systems and operating models aimed at improving the entire business. Working with Tim and his team, you feel a sense of safety and assurance, knowing they’re always there to help, guide and advise with the best interests of our business at heart.

Christyna Kruczaj


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