Download 3 FREE Employee Performance Templates
Download 3 FREE Employee Templates
The HR Cartel

Leaving it in the Hands of the Judges; The Fair Work Commission Decides!

Managing Employees with Confidence: Overcoming the Fear of Fair Work Claims

Managing Employees with Confidence

The Fair Work Act, NES, Modern Awards and EBAs; Let’s clear it all up.

Compliance in small business

How Employers can work through unfair dismissal claims.

A Blueprint for Empowering Workplaces and Eliminating Sexual Harassment.

Influencing workplaces to combat sexual harassment demands a paradigm shift.

Heard of the new workplace sexual harassment laws that brings obligations onto all Directors?

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) Positive Duty Guidelines, provides a framework that propels…

Labor’s new bill, will cost us all up to $9 Billion

The next wave of workplace reforms proposed by the Albanese government is in, and it’s expected to cost Australians up to $9B.

Labor is changing casual employment rules… again.

Aussie employers (once more) are about to experience another set of (new) rules for casual employees, and of course, Tony Burke will redefine the classification of casual work, as part of the Labor government’s ongoing industrial relations reform agenda.

Fresh Changes to the Fair Work Act: Protecting Worker Entitlements Bill 2023

In the latest round of employment law updates, we’ve seen the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Protecting Worker Entitlements) Bill 2023 pass on 22 June 2023, which means more changes that employers need to stay on top of.