Download 3 FREE Employee Performance Templates
Download 3 FREE Employee Templates
The HR Cartel

Employers: prepare for the Right to Disconnect

Streamline Your HR Policies: Remove the Bad, Enhance the Good

Creating the right employee performance management system for your workplace

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Handling disputes and grievances in your workplace

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How to create relevant HR policies for a small business 

Fair Work Ombudsman confirms further regulation and lawsuits for Employers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman believes the union belongs at the Board level of your business. That indicates exactly what our next 5 years are going to be like, as employers, in Australia under this regulatory regime.

I’m a small business – is HR outsourcing good for me?

The decision to outsource HR functions is a significant one for any business, including those that are small. While some view HR outsourcing as a strategic solution to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness, others may have concerns about potential drawbacks. In this article, we will explore…

What is the Difference Between HR Outsourcing and Insourcing?

When it comes to managing human resources (HR) functions, businesses have two primary options: outsourcing and insourcing. While both approaches aim to address HR needs, they differ in terms of execution and resource allocation. In this blog, we will explore the differences between HR…

What Does Outsourced HR Do?

Outsourcing HR management has become a popular choice for businesses looking to optimise their people, structures, and workflows. By partnering with an external HR consulting partner, companies can delegate critical HR tasks to experts. In this article, we will explore the key responsibilities…

5 HR tips for starting a business

What will any business owner typically tell you takes up the majority of their time, money and energy?