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The HR Cartel

Minimum Wages Increased; Fair Work Commission Splits the Difference

Yes; post-termination restraints in employment contracts still matter

The Fair Work Act, NES, Modern Awards and EBAs; Let’s clear it all up.

Compliance in small business

Fair Work Ombudsman confirms further regulation and lawsuits for Employers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman believes the union belongs at the Board level of your business. That indicates exactly what our next 5 years are going to be like, as employers, in Australia under this regulatory regime.

Labor’s new bill, will cost us all up to $9 Billion

The next wave of workplace reforms proposed by the Albanese government is in, and it’s expected to cost Australians up to $9B.

What Makes Dismissal Unfair?

Dismissal is a significant event in an employment relationship, and it must be carried out in a fair and lawful manner. Unfair dismissal occurs when an employee’s employment is terminated in a way that breaches employment laws and regulations or fails to adhere to principles of fairness and…

Labor is changing casual employment rules… again.

Aussie employers (once more) are about to experience another set of (new) rules for casual employees, and of course, Tony Burke will redefine the classification of casual work, as part of the Labor government’s ongoing industrial relations reform agenda.

Fresh Changes to the Fair Work Act: Protecting Worker Entitlements Bill 2023

In the latest round of employment law updates, we’ve seen the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Protecting Worker Entitlements) Bill 2023 pass on 22 June 2023, which means more changes that employers need to stay on top of.

High-income threshold and maximum unfair dismissal compensation

The high-income threshold is now $167,500 per annum (increased from $162,000). What does this mean for employers?

Is Labor holding ‘fake’ consultations with businesses?

Business community representatives being engaged by the Labor government and IR minister Tony Burke, are confirming what most of us already assumed – that negotiations over labour-hire reforms is nothing more than a sham.