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Commission firms up changes to the Professional Employees Award

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has announced many changes this year, and one you may have missed or forgotten about was its intention to make significant changes to the Professional Employees Award 2020 (Award).

Fair Work Commission to vary 121 Modern Awards

Fair Work Commission intends to vary 121 Modern Awards

Union influencing Labor to impose $4M fines on small business owners

It’s already difficult enough to run a small to medium sized business in this economy, and with the Labor government shooting out their endless quiver of overreaching regulations, how many SMEs out there will start to revolt?

78 Modern Awards Varied: Impacting Leave During Shutdowns

Announcing Award variations to 78 Modern Awards – effective 1 May 2023.

The new IR laws, a threat for employers

The consensus for Employers seems to be, if employers want to avoid participating in multi-employer bargaining, they will be required to disclose their business model to the Fair Work Commission.

Effective this coming June (2023), multi-employer bargaining will be implemented. This is a…

Same Job, Same Pay Laws – Consultation Paper Released

In the next phase of the Labor government’s changes to Australian employment regulations in 2023:
“Same Job, Same Pay”

Significant Decision – Public Holidays

A significant Federal Court decision impacting how Public Holidays are managed has been handed down (right before Easter holidays).

I provide a brief below:

A significant Federal Court ruling has stated that employers cannot simply expect or roster employees to work public holidays without first…